Statement from the President of WFICC on the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Gene Sung MD

The earthquake in Southern Turkey and Northern Syria has created a humanitarian emergency which is rapidly unfolding and growing. In response, the initial focus of the World Federation of Intensive and Critical Care (WFICC) has been to connect with our colleagues in Turkey who have the local knowledge to identify the most immediate support needs and coordinate the responses from the international community. The government in Turkey has declared a Level 4 State of Emergency following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and harsh snowy conditions. A Level 4 alarm condition includes an international call for help. According to the official announcements, over 4500 people died, around 6000 buildings have collapsed, and thousands are waiting to be rescued. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this tragedy. It is during these moments that WFICC’s mission to secure the highest quality care for patients needs to be at the centre of a truly collaborative international response to this natural disaster. In making our contribution, we will focus on what we do best – working to ensure that people are connected. The WFICC is endorsing requests from local agencies in Turkey in asking for your help to support the volunteers there. You can contribute to the aid effort by following the links below:

AKUT is a voluntary, non-governmental organization involved in searching, assisting and rescuing the victims of earthquakes. They are fully transparent about how donations are spent.

Doctors without Borders provides international humanitarian assistance in countries affected by natural disasters. onetime?source=ADU2011U0W27

Ahbap consists of 200 philanthropists and 30,000 volunteers on board. It is another local voluntary network that is currently active in the affected areas. (Language can be changed on the bottom menu.)

Every contribution, big or small, can make a significant impact in the lives of those affected. If you have trouble sending through SWIFT or IBAN, you may consider using WISE through the following link:

In addition to contributing via these organizations, member societies may also be able to contribute to cultural and medical organizations in their local area that are supporting efforts in Turkey and Syria. We encourage you to help in any way you can.

Gene Sung MD,
MPH Los Angeles, CA, USA

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