Intensive and Critical Care Society of Nigeria (I-CCSN) in collaboration with Regions Healthcare organized a 2-day Neuro-Critical Care workshop on 29th & 30th May, 2024. It was held at the newly commissioned LabRad hall, Regions Healthcare Hospitals & Specialist Clinics, Owerri.

This workshop was the maiden edition & well attended with over 50 participants from hospitals in different parts of the country. Didactic lectures were given by renowned and well seasoned local & International Speakers.

There were break out hands-on sessions where Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists & other allied professionals had practical demonstration on various aspects of monitoring in NeuroCritical Care.
There were also panel discussion sessions on diverse aspects of NeuroCritical Care and was highly interactive with fruitful deliberations made.

The attendees had a tour round the facility and it was mind-blowing seeing the great work going on in the facility.

Kudos to the LOC members, I-CCSN Excos and staff of Regions Healthcare for their active involvement. Special appreciation goes to Dr. Benjamin Anyanwu, the EMD of Regions Healthcare for the efforts in bringing this dream to fruition.

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